Esports are the Next Big New Thing

The past few years have brought us many changes. Whether it revolved around our economy, culture, even something as insane as Donald Trump winning the Preaidential election, now more than ever we see that anything is possible. One of these new changes is the introduction and growth of Esports into the mainstream media. If you are unaware of what Esports is, I will be happy to explain.

Esports, otherwise known as electric sports took the world by storm recently as major media outlets, businesses, and even major sports franchises began to notice the impact it was having around the world.  The ideology of professional gaming being the main driving factor behind this movement with more and more people realizing that video games are now alot more in depth; requiring alot of the same training, practicing, and mental proffeciancy that most modern sports require. Back that up with communication, amazing reflexes, and teamwork and thus the competetive scene of gaming started to soar.  It wasnt long at all until teams started recruiting pro players, paying them salaries, drafting freelance players, and scouting similar to football and basketball. Tournaments started being hosted with payouts of up to a million dollars or more in some cases, all the while streaming every event to give this scene even more traction. It wasnt long at all before Esports started blowing up all over major social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitchtv, Instagram and more. With all of this attention it wasnt long at all until an online game known as League of Legends soared beyond any expecations. In 2013 the championship final round for League of Legends had an astounding amount of 27 million viewers compared to the MLB World Series at 23.5 million and lastly the NBA finals reaching 18 million viewers.  If that wasnt already an impressive milestone, in the year 2013 the US government officially declared League of Legends a sport which in turn granted players on American teams from foreign countries the right for Visas, again similar to that of major sports such as football.

In conclusion, I personally am excited that something like this is now a reality. It gives everyone yet another avenue to put them on the road to success. Not to mention, since its online its available to nearly everyone, which is an incredible thing to people who might not have had the chance to play other sports due to physical or mental restrictions. Such as high anxiety, asthema, or other factors. I support this decision fully and I can not wait to see what else this amazing world offers us.

Welcome to the Blog

First of all I want to say thank you to whomever is taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I am going to be targeting this blog towards fitness and health primarialy for parents. I will also cover other topics for fun such as esports, fancitcion, and gaming. However, my methods are based off of expereince, training others, and backed by many different studies so it will apply to everyone. I know how hard it can be trying to reach a healthy and physically fit physique being a parent. Whether young; or old, time can be very difficult to manage after having a child. I know this because 6 months ago my very first daughter was born and it has changed my life in countless ways. I am here to tell all of you how I am able to manage my diet, control my calories, and get in just the right amount of time at the gym to continously build muscle and remain healthy. Thank you again for coming by, I will start blogging regulalry to give you my story, and all the information you need.