Dad Bods

Hello Everyone, Summer is right around the corner.My name is Killian Riggan and today I want to have a discussion about “Dad Bods”. I know for myself being a new parent one of my biggest fears is to one day look in the mirror and see all my hard work dissapear. Or maybe to be so focused on being a father and all the daily tasks that entails, to miss time on myself and end up eating more and exercising less. So, what do you do if your a father with limited time, a hectic schedule, and no planned regimen? Continue reading and I will be happy to inform you of all the small changes you can make that will have a HUGE impact on your physique, lifestyle, and self esteem.

So, I already know most of what comes to a father’s head as soon as you start discussing the gym, or any type of general fitness activities. “I don’t have the time”, “I have to babysit before or after work and I dont get to go out for the healhiest foods.” “I would go to the gym but I just dont have the hours to spend there anymore like the younger or single guys do, I have a family to take care of.” Or another example might be “I commute alot to work and have to get fast food because its the only thing around cheap and quick.” If you have had any of these thoughts thats fine, most fathers and men in general do, including myself. If you look at these examples, or maybe some other ones that you may have, most of them really boil down to proper time management. The following will be the best methods to help you and be as effecient as possible.

The first of these issues I want to tackle is the idea that in order to get a shredded, or even a “good physique” is that you need to spend hours in the gym. That is honestly so far from the truth its outrageous to me how many people still believe that. In all actuality, you really only need to spend an HOUR at MOST. So, how do you get evetything you need done in only an hour? Easy. The first thing your going to want to do is cut out any cardio that you had planned. Crazy right? Well the reason for that is simple. The act of losing weight all comes down to calories in vs calories out. So in short, the average amount of calories in one pound of fat is 3500. Now we all have those memories of spending a long time on a treadmill, exhasuting ourselves to only end up burning a couple hundred calories at the very most. Now, theres a couple problems with that. One, you just spent a long time on cardio so now you wont have as long to lift weights. Two, you just used alot of energy doing cardio and lets be honest here, what is the first thing you do after a long cardio session when you get home and rest? You eat a meal because your STARVING. Which means more than likely you just put back all the calories you just burned if not MORE than you originally had already eaten. For example lets say you spent 30 minutes on a treadmill burning 300 calories (Im high balling it here) so you get home and think well I just did alot of cardio so a soda wont hurt. Well the average can of soda or bottle is already over 200 calories so not including what you eat which again will probably be more than 100 calories; you’re now back in a caloric surplus, therefore completly ruining your entire reason for cardio, wasting time, and worst of all, your chance of losing that extra bit of fat you just tried to burn.

So if I dont need to do any cardio at the gym, how am I supposed to spend my time there, or lose weight? Well the answer revolves around what I stated earlier. Now that you know that a pound of fat is equal to 3500 calories you already have half the problem solved. Now you just need to eat 500 calories less each day, and over a week which is 7 days, you will lose a pound of fat requiring absolutly no cardio! The best part about that is that it also takes no time to just not eat something, vs spending half an hour or more on cardio. This will free up your hour at the gym for pure weight training. If your wondering how to know if your eating 500 calories less a day or in other words (at a 500 calorie defecit) its very simple. Download the app MyFitnessPal. Its free and contains millions of food items from restraunts, fast food places, as well as a scanner to read any barcode of something you might eat. So it gives you the amount of calories, protein, carbs etc instantly which makes tracking calories easier than ever! Now that you have done that the only thing left is to find out exaxtly how many calories you eat on an average day. So, for one week keep your diet as normal as possible and track everything you eat. Do this for a week and you should have an average number. For example, if you are at 2560 calories a day on average just cut back to 2060 calories a day, and no matter what you eat as long as you dont go above that number, you will now be losing a pound of fat a week! Now without cardio taking up tine at the gym you can spend that hour lifting weights instead. This will give you a good pump, muscle definition, and a great toned look to go right along with your more slim physique. If you want to know some of the best methods for weight training on a calorie defecit let me know and I will post a seperate blog for that entirely, because it is a lot to cover.

Lastly, I want to address the diet aspect of people who commute for work or stay out of town and might have difficulty hitting the gym or eating correctly. It is in my own personal experience along with helping many friends with their dieting and training, that meal prepping is a must in this situation. Pick one day of the week where you have an hour to spare and get a list of all foods you can eat that are preferably high in protein and low in carbs or surgars. Use MyFitnessPal to track the calories of everything you get that wont put you outside your daily calorie limits. Then, just prep for the days you will be gone and just bring them with you when you go!

Again, I know how hard it can be to try and squeeze in time for the gym when being a parent. I directed this toward “DadBods” for men, but this information can work for women as well. Time management is often so hard for parents of all genders I just wanted to offer some ways to make it more achievable. I believe that everyone should have the physique that makes them truly happy, healthy, and feel amazing about themselves. We are all beautiful, and if you have any questions about anything I wrote or want more in depth information please contact me at any time by email or by direct messaging me on instagram at Killian_Riggan. Thanks to anyone taking time to read this, I hope you all have a great day!


How A Vegan Diet Can Save Your Life

There are tons of diets out there that you always hear about or see on tv, or from a famous celebrity or personal trainer. Most of these are usually just fad diets that promise quick results in a short time or with little to no effort. However, what I want to talk about today is about something that isnt just a diet, but instead an entire lifestyle; and that is Veganism. Now I know a blog or topic like this usially comes with a mixed approach. Normally, because vegans get a bad rep for the few that look down upon people not on the same diet, or about the condeming concept of morals that also come into play. I want to say not all vegans are like that and my intention with this blog is as from that as possible. I have been passionate about fitness my entire life and have been working out, excersing, and researching the best and worst diets possible. I have been doing trial and error with some of the programs my entire life and can tell you that choosing a Vegan lifestyle is one of the healthiest things you can possibly do.

I have been studying the Vegan diet very closely
And the most impactful thing about this diet when it comes to health is the fact that all Vegan foods are low on saturated fats and
Cholosterol. That is a huge deal considering the
Number One killer worldwide is heart diesease. Now when I first started researching this I always knew high sat fats and chollsterol were bad but I never knew how harmful they were for you. It turns out that high choloestrol and sat fat directly correlate to heart disease and are the leading cause for this to occur. Also, in addition to lowering your chances of heart disease, studies have shown that a Vegan diet
can also battle and reduce type 2 diabetes! Which is mindblowing because just a simple change in diet can save you thousands of dollars in medicial pills, insulin, and other expenses. A Vegan diet also promotes a healthier lifestyle with the average lifespan of someone on a Vegan diet being significanly longer than a normal meat based diet.There have also been many studies done that show a Vegan diet can reduce the risk of cancer by 19% ! Which is incredible considering the effort to change your diet is so minimal for such a huge positive defense aginst something as strong as cancer. I could go on and on from there but I do want to leave out some information so that you as a reader can look into it for yourself and see how great and worthwhile it can be.

The other main factor of a Vegan diet is a little different, its more focused on morales. From a Vegan standpoint since you can live perfectly well getting all of the protein, nutrients, etc. Off a plant baaed diet you dont need to eat animal products. The only exception to this being vitamin B12, which you can easily get from a vitamin. This is a big deal because by not buying animal products your not supporting the
Death of animals, or contributing to animal agriculture and some of the horrible things that happen in that industry. For instance, the animals being force impregnated, trapped into tiny cages or small living areas, and the way they are slaughtered. Again, I could go into more detail but I encourage anyone reading this to look into both sides and pick your own lifestyle, while personally I do encourage going vegan for the previous reasons.

In closing I whole heartedly reccomemend everyone trying a Vegan diet with the goal of becoming Vegan yourself. The researched and studied benefits of a Vegan diet are so immense that it quickly outweighs any reason to not try it. I know for me it greatly promoted my energy levels, and being a bodybuilder Im still able to get all the protein and nutrients necessary to still build muscle. Most importantly, all I can do here is argue my point of view with Veganism, encourage you to do your own research and make the best decision possible. Thank you all for reading and no matter what choose the best path for your lifestyle!

Esports are the Next Big New Thing

The past few years have brought us many changes. Whether it revolved around our economy, culture, even something as insane as Donald Trump winning the Preaidential election, now more than ever we see that anything is possible. One of these new changes is the introduction and growth of Esports into the mainstream media. If you are unaware of what Esports is, I will be happy to explain.

Esports, otherwise known as electric sports took the world by storm recently as major media outlets, businesses, and even major sports franchises began to notice the impact it was having around the world.  The ideology of professional gaming being the main driving factor behind this movement with more and more people realizing that video games are now alot more in depth; requiring alot of the same training, practicing, and mental proffeciancy that most modern sports require. Back that up with communication, amazing reflexes, and teamwork and thus the competetive scene of gaming started to soar.  It wasnt long at all until teams started recruiting pro players, paying them salaries, drafting freelance players, and scouting similar to football and basketball. Tournaments started being hosted with payouts of up to a million dollars or more in some cases, all the while streaming every event to give this scene even more traction. It wasnt long at all before Esports started blowing up all over major social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitchtv, Instagram and more. With all of this attention it wasnt long at all until an online game known as League of Legends soared beyond any expecations. In 2013 the championship final round for League of Legends had an astounding amount of 27 million viewers compared to the MLB World Series at 23.5 million and lastly the NBA finals reaching 18 million viewers.  If that wasnt already an impressive milestone, in the year 2013 the US government officially declared League of Legends a sport which in turn granted players on American teams from foreign countries the right for Visas, again similar to that of major sports such as football.

In conclusion, I personally am excited that something like this is now a reality. It gives everyone yet another avenue to put them on the road to success. Not to mention, since its online its available to nearly everyone, which is an incredible thing to people who might not have had the chance to play other sports due to physical or mental restrictions. Such as high anxiety, asthema, or other factors. I support this decision fully and I can not wait to see what else this amazing world offers us.

Welcome to the Blog

First of all I want to say thank you to whomever is taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I am going to be targeting this blog towards fitness and health primarialy for parents. I will also cover other topics for fun such as esports, fancitcion, and gaming. However, my methods are based off of expereince, training others, and backed by many different studies so it will apply to everyone. I know how hard it can be trying to reach a healthy and physically fit physique being a parent. Whether young; or old, time can be very difficult to manage after having a child. I know this because 6 months ago my very first daughter was born and it has changed my life in countless ways. I am here to tell all of you how I am able to manage my diet, control my calories, and get in just the right amount of time at the gym to continously build muscle and remain healthy. Thank you again for coming by, I will start blogging regulalry to give you my story, and all the information you need.